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UnitsBig 35.png
The most fearsome of the ancient creatures roaming the lands of Northgard.
Health.png 250
Attack Power
Attack Power.png 50
Defense.png 25
500 XP.png

Wyverns are fearsome, ancient draconic creatures that mostly found in the lands of Northgard and Jötunheim. They reside in their dens. Killing the Wyvern gains your Clan Fame.png 250 Fame and Military Experience.png 500.

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Story Mode[edit | edit source]

Rig and his companions first encounter one of Wyverns in Chapter 8. He is surprised by the encounter as his late father's tales about his fights against one turned out to be real. He then proposed to fight one to outperform Borgild and gain her respect, which he did with help of his men.

Northgard Conquest[edit | edit source]

In Too Many Wyverns, several wyverns with diverse statistics are spread across the map. After being killed, they respawn as an Zombie Wyvern.png Undead Wyvern with the same stats as the base one.