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Overview[edit | edit source]

Kraken 78x78.pngWyrd is a unique ressource of Kraken clan

Wyrd can be spent to activate special abilities.

  • The Clan of the Kraken starts the game with Wyrd.png 400 Wyrd and a passive production of Wyrd.png +1 Wyrd.
  • Norns working in the Hörgr.png Hörgr produce additional Wyrd.png 2 Wyrd per unit.
  • Fame.png 200 Fame bonus grants additional Wyrd.png 400.
  • Edda of Vör relic grants Wyrd.png 1000 when forged.

Wyrd abilities[edit | edit source]

Wyrd circle.png
  • Shallow Waters : Improves a coastal zone to accept Capacity bonus.png one additional building. It can be cumulative with usual area improvement.

  • High Tide : Cancels the Kraken's building and attack penalties on an area. It can be colonized at the normal cost. (Can only be casted on a non-coastal zone adjacent to a coastal zones or zones affected by HighTide.)

  • Road to Valhalla : Consecrate one Norn.png Norn, transforming her into a Valkyrie.png Valkyrie that joins the player army. Only one Valkyrie at a time can be controlled.

  • Ancient Spirit : Summons 5 hostile Spectral Warrior.png Spectral Warrior to target a chosen enemy's coastal zone. It doesn't have to be a shore.