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Overview[edit | edit source]

In regular singleplayer and multiplayer games, there are 7 different approaches to achieve victory in Northgard. If a player achieve a victory in a team games, their whole team is victorious.
Except for the three last ones, each victory type can be activated or deactivated when creating a game.

Once victorious, the title "King of Northgard" is gained. 

General Win Conditions[edit | edit source]

The classic approaches to defeat your opponent.
Depending on the map size and the gamemode (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, FFA...), some can be easier or harder to achieve.

Dominationvic.png Domination[edit | edit source]

Well suited clans for this victory :
Fenrir Fenrir
Bjarki Bjarki
Sváfnir Sváfnir
Nidhogg Nidhogg

The most common path in team duels : Destroy all other players' Town Halls and become the master of Northgard.

Players aiming for this victory will focus on warfare by having a large, powerful and well-sustained Warband.png Warband. They will attempt to kill their opponent by uncolonizing and plundering their territories until they can access to their Town Hall.

Unlike the other victories, the Domination victory cannot be removed when creating a custom game. Therefore, one must be always ready for an attack.

Famevic.png Fame[edit | edit source]

Well suited clans for this victory :
Eikthyrnir Eikthyrnir
Bjarki Bjarki
Heidrun Heidrun
Huginn and Muninn Huginn and Muninn

Gain enough Territory and raise your Fame.png Fame to obtain the title of King.

Fame.png Fame Victory focuses on creating a powerful economy by upgrading numerous buildings and colonizing more areas than usual. It is usually faster than wisdom victory and can sometimes be easier to achieve than domination, but it needs a lot of Food.png Food, resources and defensive stances.

This victory is more frequent in FFA, 2v2v2 and 2v2v2v2.

Winning Conditions[edit | edit source]

NB : Other fame victories can exist. For instance Rig's Saga eighth mission "Contest" sets up a fame victory as a plain Fame.png 1500 race while Viking's Glory battle requires Fame.png 1300 and an altar of kings.

Tradevic.png Trade[edit | edit source]

Well suited clans for this victory :
Huginn and Muninn Huginn and Muninn
Heidrun Heidrun
Nidhogg Nidhogg
Eikthyrnir Eikthyrnir

Amass the riches of Northgard and become the greatest merchant of the known world.

To win a Trade victory, you need to build a Lighthouse and reach Commercial Influence.png 2000 Commercial Influence.

  • You cannot build more than 1 Lighthouse, and therefore, you cannot have more than 1 Great Trade Route!

This victory condition focuses on the ability to build a very strong Kröwns.png Kröwns economy very quick. It is the fastest path towards victory, but can leaves very vulnerable to full scale military attacks. It is usually done in huge maps, Ragnarök maps, and/or FFA.

Lorevic.png Wisdom[edit | edit source]

Well suited clans for this victory :
Slidrugtanni Slidrugtanni
Svadilfari Svadilfari
Lyngbakr Lyngbakr

Discover ancient knowledge and become the wisest clan leader of Northgard.

To win a Wisdom Victory, you need to earn Lore.png Lore and progress through the knowledge tree, unlocking the four blessings of the gods.

  • The fourth blessing (aka Ancestral Knowledge.png Ancestral Knowledge), is unlocked with the 15th discovered knowledge.
  • To be discovered, each knowledge needs a certain amount of Lore.png Lore higher than the precedent.

This victory condition focuses on the ability to produce a lot of Lore.png Lore throughout the game. It either can be rushed by building a lot of Carved Stone (but letting you more vulnerable), or be setup as a passive winning method if the games elongates. Anyway, it is the slowest passive win condition.

Special Win Conditions (Special Map Middle)[edit | edit source]

The game allows for an additional "map special" win condition. If activated, one of the three followings will be generated randomly with its related special area at the center of the map. Note that sometimes the central area can instead be a Wyvern or the Relic of the Gods, which are not a win condition by itself but a respective help for Fame Victory and Wisdom victory.

Due to the difficulty of those victories relatively to domination, they are very rare in multiplayer games.

Forgevic.png Odin's Sword[edit | edit source]

Well suited clans for this victory :
Svadilfari Svadilfari
Nidhogg Nidhogg

Protected by Fallen Valkyries, the Anvil of gods awaits in the Magma Flow. Will you dare reforging the legendary Sword of Odin?
To achieve this victory, a player must take control of the area and reforge the three part of the Sword of Odin with a Smith.

  • Each part cost Iron.png 15 Iron to be forged.
  • Forging a part always takes 3 months, regardless of any bonus or malus.
  • Losing the area does not invalidate already forged parts.

Yggdrasilvic.png Yggdrasil[edit | edit source]

Well suited clans for this victory :
Heidrun Heidrun
Eikthyrnir Eikthyrnir

Find the legendary World Tree, Yggdrasil, and be the first to conquer it.

  • Yggdrasil is protected by Fallen Valkyrie.png Fallen Valkyries
  • It costs 2000 Food.png food to be colonized. In order to store enough food, you have to upgrade 3 food silos.
  • Once the colonization started, it still takes several months while you'll have to defend the area until victory.

Gates of Helheimvic.png Gates of Helheim[edit | edit source]

Well suited clans for this victory :
Heidrun Heidrun
Svadilfari Svadilfari
Bjarki Bjarki

Take control of the Gates of Helheim and defend the area against the Fallen Valkyries.

Conquest Victories[edit | edit source]

Northgard Conquest introduced several new win conditions related to their specific Battles.

Victory Condition Related battle
Protectionvic.png Protection Protect your ally for X years Defend the Opressed
Bifröstvic.png Bifröst Awake the bifrost before the time runs out Bifrost
Swordvic.png Relic of the God Wisdom victory + controlling the Relic of the Gods The Wise One
Giant Boarvic.png Giant Boar Find and kill a Giant Boar spawned randomly on the map Greed's Price
Eldthursvic.png Giants Killer Kill X Jötunn and/or Eldthurs Muspell's Wrath
Wyvernvic.png Dragonslayer Kill three Wyverns Too Many Wyverns
Jotünnvic.png Giants Friend Befriend the Jötunn before they are killed by another clan Befriend the Jotnar