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There are different approaches to achieve victory in Northgard.

The player can win alone or together with its allied team mates.

Once victorious, the title "King of Northgard" is gained. 

There are 5 ways to achieve victory in Northgard.

General Win Conditions[edit | edit source]

Domination[edit | edit source]

Destroy all other players' Town Halls and become the master of Northgard.

Unlike the 4 other victories, the Domination victory cannot be removed when creating a custom game.

Winning Conditions[edit | edit source]

Fame[edit | edit source]

Gain enough Territory and raise your Fame.png Fame to obtain the title of King.

Winning Conditions[edit | edit source]

Trade[edit | edit source]

Amass the riches of Northgard and become the greatest merchant of the known world.

Winning Conditions[edit | edit source]

  • You cannot build more than 1 Lighthouse, and therefore, you cannot have more than 1 Great Trade Route!
  • To win a Trade victory, you will need to reach 2000 in Commercial Influence

Wisdom[edit | edit source]

Discover ancient knowledge and become the wisest clan leader of Northgard.

Winning Conditions[edit | edit source]

Special Win Conditions (Special Map Middle)[edit | edit source]

On every map there is a possibility of a special way to win. To date there are three map specials.

Odin's Sword[edit | edit source]

Yggdrasil[edit | edit source]

Gates of Helheim[edit | edit source]

  • Discover Helheim
  • Take control of Helheim
  • Control the area for 8 months