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Valkyrie, Kraken

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Valkyrie, Kraken
Wielding divine power, the Valkyries are the most powerful members of the Kraken's army.
Health.png --
Attack Power
Attack Power.png -
Def.png -
- XP.png

The Valkyrie, Kraken is trained at the Horgr.

  • The Valkyrie is one of the exclusive units of the Clan of the Kraken.
  • Gained after consecration of one of your Norns : she becomes a Valkyrie and joins your army.
  • You can control only one Valkyrie at a time.

Valkyrie's weapon: Purify ability[edit | edit source]

  • The Valkyrie’s weapon gives +10% Attack Power.png
  • After forging the Valkyrie’s weapon, they gain the Purify ability and can sacrifice themselves to instantly colonize a neutral zone or an enemy zone being uncolonized

Cooldown: One year