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Northgard is unique for its inclusion of a real-world yearly calendar as an essential game mechanic. The game follows a Gregorian calendar on the monthly level and (to a lesser extent) on the daily level. You can always see the timeline of the game in the calendar bar above the minimap located in the bottom-left.

Structure and Timeline[edit | edit source]

A Northgard year is divided to 12 months, with names identical to Gregorian calendar. For simplicity, each month consists of 30 days. Apart from story mode, a Northgard game starts at the year 800 AD.

Since Northgard as a continent is located in the north, particularly above the equator, seasonal/monthly correlation is similar to what we have in Nordic countries in real world:

  • Spring: March, April, May,
  • Summer: June, July, August,
  • Autumn: September, October, November,
  • Winter: December, January and February.

Besides, since game is set in a Nordic environment and medieval age, the lifestyle is heavily agricultural. Because of that, the game starts in March with Spring, right after winter ends.

In-game Time and Real-time[edit | edit source]

Every in-game month is 1 minute in real time, which means a year in the game is 12 minutes.

When looking at the resources bar, you can see the amount of resources you have as well as the + income (or consumption) of the resource. The income amount is per tick, and each month consists of 6 ticks. So, if your food income is +6, that means you will have 36 more food each month.