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An empty Area

Each game of Northgard has a randomly generated map made up of different types of Tiles. Your Clan starts with one initial tile which contains the Town Hall, 4 additional buildings can be built on this tile.

To Build on or claim any resources a tile may have, it must first be Colonized. Each tile has a varying Buildingcapacity.png Building capacity, ranging from 2 to 4 (the starting Tile being an exception) This capacity can be increased once per Tile for a price of Kröwns.png 100 Kröwns.

Base Tile[edit | edit source]

Limited to one per Tile

Additional Tile Resources[edit | edit source]

These can be combined with other base Area types. For example you may find a Forest and Stones in the same Tile.

Bonus Tiles[edit | edit source]

Victory Tiles[edit | edit source]

Map special Victory condition must be enabled for a chance of one of these Tiles, limited to one per map.