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Overview[edit | edit source]

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The Clan of the Boar. A reclusive clan once forgotten by their brethren but recently rediscovered, the Clan of the Boar is both mystical and untamed. Their understanding of the world is unmatched, as are their boorish and primitive ways.

Clan of the Boar excels at gathering lore points and is less dependent on stone. They also receive greater benefit from the Altar of Kings and forest tiles.

Starting Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Fame Bonuses[edit | edit source]

  • Fame.png 200 Fame : Heritage
You gain one free Knowledge, this does not count toward a Lore Victory or Blessing unlock.
  • Fame.png 500 Fame : Greater Blessings
All blessings have upgraded effects:
  • Freya.pngFreya: Winter penalty is massively reduced (70% for Food.png Food, 50% for Wood.png Wood)
  • Baldr.pngBaldr: +5 Happiness.png Happiness and +2 Lore Lore.png production
  • Jord.pngJörd: Your army and Upgraded Towers now get +10% Attack Power.png Attack Power.

Lore.png Lore Tree[edit | edit source]

Boar red-24x24.png
Simple Living

Construction costs -50% Wood.png Wood to build.


Reduces the amount of Food.png Food necessary to colonize one area by 30%.


Food Silo.png Food Silos gain a 10% Food.png Food production bonus. Also reduces Food Silo.png Food Silo upgrade cost by 50%.


Permanently increases population growth speed by 25%. You gain an additional 5% during 4 months for each unit from your clan killed by an enemy clan or sacrificed (max +75%).

Boar red-24x24.png

Each active Mender.png Mender provides +5% production in Mender's Hut territory (+10% Lore.png Lore production). Increases your Mender.png Menders' healing speed by 20%.

Boar red-24x24.png

Increases Happiness.png Happiness and production yields from Altar of Kings.png Altar of Kings by 50%.

Shiny Happy People

-20% required Happiness.png Happiness based on your population.


Increases all your military unit' attack power by 20%.

Fur Coats

Your units no longer have reduced power during winter.

Defensive Strategy

Increases you civilians' attack power and your Defense Tower.png Defense Towers' resistance by 30%.

Military Strategy

Military units gain +5% attack power for each type of friendly military unit in the area (max +25%).

Feeling Safe

Gain +3 Happiness.png Happiness if you have a Warchief.png Warchief and +1 Happiness.png Happiness per upgraded military camp.

Legendary Heroes

Improves your Warchief.png Warchief's attack and defense by 25%.

Monster Slayer

Improves your military units' attack by 50% against mystical creatures (Draugar, Valkyries, Rock Golems, Spectral Warriors and Wyverns). Also increases Military Experience.png Military Experience gains by 50% for each mystical creature killed.

Boar red-24x24.png
Lay of the Land

Reduces environment hostility by 70%. Increases non-villager productions by 10% in Forests, Swamps or Lakes.


Unlocks the Lighthouse.png Lighthouse.
Increases Sailor.png Sailors' resource production by 20%.

Boar red-24x24.png

Enables TradingRoutes.pngTrade Routes with neutral factions at the Trading Post. Neutral factions will accept any resource and you gain +1 Happiness.png Happiness when trading with them.


Increases Loremaster.png Loremaster production by 40%. The first Carved Stone.png Carved Stone is free.

Boar red-24x24.png

Non-upgraded buildings receive +15% production.


Reduces Marketplace.png Marketplace prices by 50% and stock replenishment is 20% faster.

Boar red-24x24.png

You obtain 1 Happiness.png Happiness for every 3 colonized zones. Zones with Forests, Swamps or Lakes provide 1 Happiness.png Happiness.

Relic[edit | edit source]

Mask of Gullinbursti.png Mask of Gullinbursti : Reveals all forests and summons a Giant Boar in each. Boars in allied territory are pacified and can be sacrificed for Food.png 500. Boars in neutral or enemy territory are hostile (Food.png 200 if killed by Wolf Clan).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Story Campaign[edit | edit source]

In the story campaign, Boar Clan are originally led by Hvedrung, the one who masterminded the murder on Rig's father and massacre of entire Stag Clan. By the time the truth came out, Boar Clan had an uprising led by Svarn who made an ally with Rig against their common enemy.

Svarn's Faction[edit | edit source]

A small faction of the clan who allies with Rig led by Svarn. A taciturn spiritual leader, Svarn is a sage and warrior who lives a simple life, close to nature and in accordance with the Old Ways. Svarn is the one who revealed the bigger plot to Rig behind latter's clan's massacre and theft of Regal Horn.

Hvedrung's Faction[edit | edit source]

Main branch of Boar Clan led by the ruthless and proud Hvedrung, the mastermind behind the Stag Clan massacre. Hvedrung sends Hagen to slaughter Rig, along with his family and clan to get his hands on the Regal Horn and preventing them from becoming a future threat. Hvedrung seemed to have foreseen Rig and his followers' survival as he proudly reveled in his crimes and taunted him for his obliviousness to the Regal Horn's true purpose. He intended to destroy Bifrost and bring forth Ragnarok with the help of the Regal Horn, which was later revealed to be Gjallhorn.

Hvedrung was finally defeated by Rig, but chose to face his last moments by telling that in spite of Bifrost being saved, he caused enough damage which resulted in the Great Tree Yggdrasil to shudder, and thus Ragnarok already began. The revelation sapped whatever rage that boiled Rig's heart that he lost the drive to avenge his father in that instant. It's unknown what happened to Hvedrung afterwards, as he presumably either was left to die or was incarcerated for his crimes.

Other Clans[edit | edit source]