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UnitsBig signy.png
A shadowy leader with no regard for morals, Signy will stop at nothing to make a mark on Northgard.
Health.png 75
Attack Power
Attack Power.png 15
Defense.png 9
110 XP.png
Kröwns.png 150

Signy, the Spear Maiden is a unit unique to the Sváfnir Clan and replaces the Warchief. She may be hired from a Skirmisher Camp as well as a Training Camp.

Starting at age 15 in Year 800, she grows up during the game, gaining new abilities! She increases in age every March.

At age 16 in Year 801, Signy gains 5% move speed and can now attack at range.

At age 18 in Year 803, Signy moves faster and can go through tiles with foes without engaging combat (similar to a Skirmisher). She also gains the unique ability "Scorched Earth" which allows Signy to burn an area for 3 months, increasing all Snakes' buildings' and all units' Attack Power.png Attack Power by 50% and decreasing any production in the targeted tile by 50%. This ability has a 3 month cooldown. Signy must run to the center of a Tile to use it, and channel the ability for 5 seconds uninterrupted. This may be canceled and the ability does not go on cooldown.

Year Attack Power.png Attack power Defense.png Resistance Health.png Health
800 10 9 50
801 13 9 65
802 15 9 73
803 15 9 75
804 16 9 80
805 17 9 83
806 17 9 85
807 18 9 88
808 18 9 90
809 19 9 93
810 19 9 95