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Resources are supply of money, food, and other assets to effectively functions players' clan.

Overview[edit | edit source]

There are 8 common resources that the player must keep in mind as he/she expand and grow the villages:

  • Happiness.png Happiness - Will attract new Villagers to your Town Hall
  • Food.png Food - Is necessary to feed your clan. Stock up on food before winter. Avoid starvation at all costs.
  • Wood.png Wood - Is used to construct buildings and as firewood, especially during winter.
  • Kröwns.png Kröwns- Are used to recruit your warband and for building upkeep.
  • Stone.png Stone - Can be used to upgrade your clan buildings.
  • Iron.png Iron - Is used to forge relics, powerful weapons and to craft better tools.
  • Lore.png Lore - Lore discovered in Northgard will allow you to improve your clans knowledge.
  • Fame.png Fame - Increase your Fame to unlock Clan specific bonuses.

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  • Gemstone.png Gemstones is a new resource introduced in Northgard Conquest : it can be sold for high prices inTradingRoutes.pngTrade route.

Be mindful of how the game represents production. It will give numbers in the +[number] format. This [number] is rounded to the closest integer and needs to be multiplied by 6 to know how much exactly is added per month. (e.g. +3 food production is between 15 and 21 per month)

For a complete overview of exact production and consumption numbers, this chart can be used. /!\ Some production numbers are outdated /!\

References[edit | edit source]

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