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Player ranks & leagues

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Players can reach ranks and leagues depending on their games played and won.

Ranks[edit | edit source]

Ranks are reached by winning a certain amount of games with any clan.

  • Rank Villager.png Villager: 0+ wins
  • Rank Warrior.png Warrior: 10+ wins
  • Rank Warchief.png Warchief: 25+ wins
  • Rank Thane.png Thane: 50+ wins
  • Rank Jarl.png Jarl: 100+ wins
  • Rank King.png King: 250+ wins
  • Rank HighKing.png High King: 500+ wins
  • Rank NorseGod.png Norse God: 1000+ wins

Leagues[edit | edit source]

Leagues are reached by accumulating a certain amount of Glory Points (GP) by winning ranked games.

  • Rank Wood.png Wood: 0+ GP
  • Rank Stone.png Stone 150+ GP
  • Rank Iron.png Iron: 300+ GP
  • Rank Gold.png Gold: 450+ GP
  • Rank RimeSteel.png Rimesteel: 600+ GP