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The Myrkalfars are an aggressive and cunning native faction. Never trust them and watch their moves carefully.
Health.png 50
Attack Power
Attack Power.png 12 / 15
Defense.png 5 / 8
40 XP.png

Myrkalfar are an aggressive and cunning native faction. Never trust them and watch their moves carefully.

Myrkalfar appear at the Myrkalfar Camp, they launch attacks against players (even from afar) and steal Food.png 5 Food, Wood.png 5 Wood, and Kröwns.png 5 Kröwns when they are on their territory.

  • Defeating them grants Fame.png 50 Fame, Military Experience, Food.png 100 Food, Wood.png 100 Wood and Kröwns.png 100 Kröwns.
  • Trading with them Stone.png Stone or Iron.png Iron will allow the player to befriend them, increasing the trade rates, and making them more likely to launch attacks on other players. Only one TradingRoutes.pngTrade Route per type of resource can be opened. Multiple routes speed up the relationship subsequently.
Befriending the Myrkalfar.png Myrkalfars
Trading Post.png GoodRelation.png% earned by month Month of active TradingRoutes.pngTrade Route Stone.png Stone or Iron.png Iron spent Kröwns.png Kröwns earned*
Without Lore Trading Caravan Default post 8 12.5 22.5 150
Upgraded post 9.6 10.42 18.75 125
With Lore Trading Caravan Default post 9.6 10.42 18.75 150
Upgraded post 11.52 8.68 15.625 125

* Due to improved relations affecting the amount of Kröwns earned, the real amount obtained is slightly higher.

For more complex setup (multiple upgraded post with caravan for instance), please check Northgard Calculator.

Note that the Boar Clan can trade Food.png Food and Wood.png Wood with the Myrkalfar thanks to their unique lore Bartering. However, the process of befriending the Myrkalfar will be much longer (30 months by default, an upgraded post would reduce this to 25 months, Trading Caravan isn't available to the Boar Clan).

On Northgard Conquest, they are at the core of a battle named Myrkalfar uprising. They will attack you very frequently since the first year until you defeat or befriend them.