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Mask of Gullinbursti

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Relic - Mask of Gullinbursti
Mask of Gullinbursti.png
Create this Relic in the Forge. Once forged, the Relic will appear in your available building list.
Iron.png 10, Kröwns.png 100, Wood.png 50
Upkeep Cost
Kröwns.png 0 (yearly)
Boar 78x78.pngMask of Gullinbursti is a unique relic of Boar clan

Reveals all Forests. Summons a non controllable Giant Boar.png Giant Boar in all Forests. This ability can be used only once in a game when the relic is placed.

  • Boars in allied territory are pacified and will defend the tile they are standing on. Boars in neutral or enemy territory are hostile to everyone.
  • At anytime during the game, the relic owner can sacrifice a Giant Boar.png Giant Boar standing in allied territory in exchange for Food.png 500 Food.