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Overview[edit | edit source]

Intro[edit | edit source]


The Clan of the Kraken knows first hand how dangerous the sea can be.
They worship the gigantic Creature, fearing it's brutal might, honoring it's instinctual knowledge, and using its powers when he deigns bestow them.

Starting Bonuses[edit | edit source]

  • No commercial Victory. No port. No Lighthouse. Can build Fishery on lake tiles and beaches to assign fishermen.
  • +50% colonising and Wood.png Wood building cost on non coastal zone. Attack Power.png -30% Attack malus on non coastal zone.
  • Can build Hörgr to assign Norns. Only female vikings can become Norns. Replaces Tavern.
  • Norns produce Happiness and Wyrd.png Wyrd (new resource).
  • Wyrd.png Wyrd may activate special abilities.
  • The Clan of the Kraken starts with Wyrd.png 400 Wyrd.

Fame Bonuses[edit | edit source]

  • Fame.png 200 Fame : Future Sight
    • You are warned of events long before they happen.
    • You gain Wyrd.png 400 Wyrd Wyrd.
  • Fame.png 500 Fame : Howl from The Sea Master
    • Whenever you kill military units on enemy or neutral zones, they have 10% chance to become Spectral Warriors under your control (max 5).
    • Spectral warriors bring Unhappiness to the zone controller. Sickness-icon.png

Lore Tree[edit | edit source]

Relic[edit | edit source]

The Kraken clan has its own Relic, the Edda of Vör. Given by Vör, wise and curious, so that no one can hide anything from her.

  • This Relic allows your Norns to earn Fame.png Fame.
  • When the Relic is built, it gives Wyrd.png 1000 .

Norn and Valkyries[edit | edit source]

The Fishery and the Horgr[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

Other Clans[edit | edit source]