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Overview[edit | edit source]

The link=File:_Kr%C3%B6wns.png Kröwn is the currency of Northgard. It is required to pay upkeep on buildings and military units. If you do not have enough Kröwns to pay upkeep, buildings will be damaged and will have to be repaired. Kröwns are earned through different means.

Knowledges Other

Gain +2 Kröwns.png Kröwns production. Enables TradingRoutes.pngTrade route with Trading Post and GreaterTradingRoutes.png Great Trade Routes with a Lighthouse.

Raven red-24x24.png

Gain Kröwns.png 3 Kröwns production and +20% Commercial Influence.png Commercial influence

Boar red-24x24.png

Gain +1 Kröwns.png Kröwn production per 8 Clan Members. Enables Trade Routes with Trading Posts with neutral factions and Great Trade Routes with a Lighthouse.

Stag red-24x24.png
The Value of Great Deeds

Skalds will produce Kröwns.png +1 Kröwn (Kröwns.png +2 Kröwns, if the building is upgraded). Skalds tool upgrade is free and take -50% time to forge.

Kraken red-24x24.png
Near The Sea Spirit

Generates +1 every 3 buildings on coastal zones. Enables TradingRoutes.pngTrade route with Trading Post.


Usage[edit | edit source]

Kröwn is a valuable and versatile resource that needs to be produced in a fair amount. It have numerous uses among which :

(Only Raven clan)

  • Colonize areas : For half the cost of food colonization.
  • Send Mercenary raid on coastal zones : Kröwns.png 200

Production[edit | edit source]

Merchant and sailors[edit | edit source]

In northgard, gold-specialized civilians are the corner stone of an healthy economy :
Unit Default production Recruited at... Specific knowledge Advantage
Sailor.png Sailor Kröwns.png 2 Kröwns + Lore.png 0.8 Lore or Fame.png 0.6 Fame per month Longship Dock.pngLongship Dock

Increases Sailor.png Sailor's resource production by 20%.

They are more profitable then merchants because of their additional Lore.png 0.8 Lore production (specially in early game). They are however vulnerable to Disasters such as frozen sea and kraken attack.
Merchant.png Merchant Kröwns.png 2 Kröwns Marketplace.pngMarketplace & Trading Post.pngTrading Post

Increases Merchant.png Merchants production by Kröwns.png +20% more Kröwns.

They can benefit twice from the building upgrade bonus if both buildings are on the same area. This makes them more valuable then sailors on the field of pure money making.
Sailors Kröwns.png production Default Buidling Upgraded building
100% 120%
No bonus 100% 2 2.4
Tool Upgrade 115% 2.3 2.76
Shipbuilding 120% 2.4 2.88
Shipbuilding & Tool upgrade 120% x 115% 2.76 3.31
Merchants Kröwns.png production Default building Upgraded building Commerce center
100% 120% 144%
No bonus 100% 2 2.4 2.88
Tool Upgrade 115% 2.3 2.76 3.31
Coinage 120% 2.4 2.88 3.46
Coinage & tool upgrade 120% x 115% 2.76 3.31 3.97

Trade routes[edit | edit source]

Bragaful Gift[edit | edit source]

This relic generates an extra kröwns income that depends on the player level of Commercial Influence.

Bragaful Gift
Level Commercial Influence.png 0 Commercial Influence.png 500 Commercial Influence.png 1,000 Commercial Influence.png 1,500
Bonus Kröwns.png +4 Kröwns.png +6 Kröwns.png +8 Kröwns.png +10

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

As it is barely the only way to obtain military power, it is crucial to spare and stockpile it. For that, here's few advices :

Going first for...

Gain +2 Kröwns.png Kröwns production. Enables TradingRoutes.pngTrade route with Trading Post and GreaterTradingRoutes.png Great Trade Routes with a Lighthouse.

Trading is a valuable knowledge producing 144 Kröwns a year. It helps a lot to sustain economy in early game.
Never hiring soldiers Warband.png unless you have to After the first winter, most of the time Warchief.png Warchief is enough to fend off hostile mobs (eventually with Healer.png Healer to support him). Better not waste the gold and keep it for times of war!
Destroying useless buildings Building.png Finished scouting or your ally is doing it for you? Then scout camp can be destroyed and its upkeep cost invested in more useful things. Same can be done to the forge once everything you need is forged.
Thinking it twice before upgrading an area Being able to upgrade a tile can be really useful in some specific situations (ragnarök maps, goat turtling, concentrating your economy in one place to benefit from the 21% prod bonus of menders or 15% from Bear warchieves...), but it comes at a great cost. Unless it brings a real added value to your economy, better avoid it by good build planning and enough territory expansion.
Using towers Defense Tower.png wisely Even though it can protect efficiently against small raids and hostile mobs or slow down the enemy in case of a large scale attack, towers don't do much except taking 20 gold each and increasing total upkeep cost.
Upgraded tools Improve tools.png and buildings Building upgrade.png are long term investment Whether it is to improve economy, increase citizens productivity or military might, upgrading your buildings and tools may allow you to prevail through the years. But, against early-aggressive opponents, you may not have the time to make your investments profitable and be caught out of gold!

Altar of Kings, how worth is it?[edit | edit source]

More then being mandatory for Fame Victory, Altar of Kings is a massive gold investment that repays itself passively over time. It cost Kröwns.png 300 Kröwns, Wood.png 300 Wood and Stone.png 10 Stone; produce Kröwns.png 2 Kröwns & Wood.png 2 Wood; and cost an additional Kröwns.png 3 Kröwns monthly upkeep (in high difficulty) : 300/(2x6-3) = 33,33.
Therefore, regarding kröwns, one may expect return on investment to begin after 2 two years and ten months.

With Slidrugtanni clan however, this investment becomes a lot more profitable thanks to Legacy.png Legacy and Simple Living.png Simple Living knowledge : not only its wood cost could be halved, but it may also get a doubled production. Meaning self-repayment in... 300/(4x6-3) = 14.29, less then one year and three months!


Altar of Kings production is doubled.

Simple Living

Construction costs -50% Wood.png Wood to build.