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UnitsBig 31.png
Kobolds can be a great trade partner, but also an annoyance when they take valuable land.
Health.png 40
Attack Power
Attack Power.png 8
Defense.png 5
10 XP.png

Kobolds are creatures that thrive at the most remote parts of Northgard. They are an independent civilization which grew prosperous for thousands of years.

Kobolds constitute one of the three neutral factions present in the game. They appear on a special tile named Kobold Camp and accept Wood.png Wood and Food.png Food to be trade with. After the middle of the year 802 they will start to expand their territory up to 5 tiles. This may cause them to attack the unlucky player who would be too close to them. Having a GoodRelation.png good relation with them through trade can prevent them from attacking.

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Single Player[edit | edit source]

Kobolds occupy several tiles in Northgard, in the middle of which they built their village. As they are very greedy creatures, they often control very precious resources which they will defend with their lives!

You can choose to trade with the Kobolds and you'll see that they can represent very strong and lucrative allies. but sometimes, you'll just need this surplus of stone too much, and your only choice will be to wipe them out.

Story Mode[edit | edit source]

Rig and Halvard first encounter Kobolds in chapter 3, where the encounter surprised Halvard as sightings of these creatures are quite rare back in mainland. Halvard warned that kobolds can aggresively defend their territory while Rig wonders whether they willing to the trade with them.