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UnitsBig 30.png
Ancient creatures from the Dark Ages, Jötnar are peaceful until you attack them. If you do, brace yourself!
Health.png 100
Attack Power
Attack Power.png 20
Defense.png 18
150 XP.png

A Jötunn (plural is jötnar) is a type of entity contrasted with gods and other figures, such as dwarfs and elves, and ancient creatures from Dark Ages. Many of them thrived at Jötunheim and some parts of land of Northgard.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The jötnar are one of the three neutral factions of Northgard. They live in a single tile encampment where can be found either one, two or three giants depending on the World Hostility. Defeating them provides Fame.png 150 Fame and Military Experience. Befriending them through Food.png Food trade provides as well Fame.png 150 Fame and unlock the unit Bláinn.

Befriending the giants[edit | edit source]

The Jötnar need a tremendous amount of Food.png food! To befriend them, the player must have at least one active TradingRoutes.pngTrade route towards the Jötnar camp. As the food is sent, the relationship will slowly progress until it reaches 100%.

  • When the alliance is made, the Jötunn Camp falls into control of the player, even if it's far away from its territory. From this point it is not possible anymore to trade with them.
  • Unlike Blainn.png Blainn, giants residing in the camp cannot be controlled and count in the player total Population.png population, just as regular kinsmen.
  • Any player can trade the giants, the first player to achieve 100% permanently ally with them and invalidate all progress that could've been made by the others. It is impossible to know how much progress other player have achieved.
  • War.png Attacking the Jötunn Camp tile, even by accident, Unhappy.png worsen your relation and drops it progress back by about half. War.png Attacking them another time drops the progress only by 15%. Even if it's not displayed, progress can fall under 0%.
  • It is possible to have multiple trade routes with the giants, progress increases proportionally to it. Using an upgraded trading post to trade speeds up as well the progress made.
Trading Post.png GoodRelation.png % earned by month Months needed Food.png Food sent
Default trading post 1.333 75 2700
Two trading post 2.667 37.5 2700
Three trading post 4 25 2700
Four trading post 5.333 18.75 2700
Five trading post 6.667 15 2700
Trading Post.png GoodRelation.png % earned by month Months needed Food.png Food sent
Upgraded trading post 1.6 62.5 2250
+ one regular trading post 2.933 34.09 2454.55
+ two regular trading post 4.267 23.44 2531.25
+three regular trading post 5.6 17.86 2571.43
+ four regular trading post 6.933 14.42 2596.15

Norse Mythology[edit | edit source]

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Single Player[edit | edit source]

The Jötnar are a unit unique to the Jötunn Camp. They are formidable opponents as enemy, but serves as friendly business partner.

Story Mode[edit | edit source]

Rig and his bannermen Brand and Halvard first encounter jötnar in Chapter 4. Halvard explained that Jötnar are formidable adversary that it's ill-advised to antagonize, and responds any form of intrusion with aggressive force. Rig noted that it would be more beneficial if establishing a trade route with the giants.

In Chapter 7, Rig and his companions met Skrymir and Fjolsvin who fight over each other's right over sheeps. It is apparent that ruler group led by Skrymir too selfish to give worker side proper reward from their duty. With them demanded Rig to chose which side they are on, it's up to the player for deciding which side the best. Alternatively, they can find a giant relic which recognized by Svarn meant to contain information regarding solution for both jötnar's dispute.

Should the player choose to deciphering the sword, Svarn revealed a story about both sides' ancestors who faced similar dispute until their father dropped the sword to reconcile them. The revelation made Skrymir realizing his errors that he reconciles with Fjolsvin and the rest of his people. Even though most of the story turned out to be made up by Svarn (a fact which surprised Rig), the said story was for both sides' best to prevent their conflict from getting worse.