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Improving your Clans Tools gives a small bonus to their abilities. It is accessed through a Forge.png Forge and requires at least one Smith.png Smith working on tool improvement. Adding more Smith.png Smiths speeds up the process, but does not allow improving several tools at once.

It costs 5 Iron.png Iron and 30 Kröwns.png Kröwns to improve civilians' tools. It costs 10 Iron.png Iron and 50 Kröwns.png Kröwns to improve warband tools.

Improvements apply to all units of that type.

Improvable Units[edit | edit source]

Unit Improvement
Villager.png Villager Increases build and repair speed by 15%
Healer.png Healer Increases healing speed and gathering Food.png Food by 15%
Miner.png Miner Increases extraction speed of Stone.png Stone and Iron.png Iron by 50%
Farmer.png Farmer Increases Wheat (Food.png Food) production by 15%
Hunter.png Hunter Increases Meat (Food.png Food) production by 15%
Fisherman.png Fisherman Increases Fish (Food.png Food) production by 15%
Woodcutter.png Woodcutter Increases Wood.png Wood production by 15%
Loremaster.png Loremaster Increases Lore.png Lore production by 15%
Merchant.png Merchant Increases Kröwns.png Kröwns production by 15%
Sailor.png Sailor Increases Kröwns.png Kröwns and Lore.png Lore production by 15%
Brewer.png Brewer Increases Happiness.png Happiness production by 15%
Smith.png Smith Increases forging speed by 15%
Skald.png Skald Increases Happiness.png Happiness, Fame.png Fame and Kröwns.png Kröwns production by 15%
Mender.png Mender Increases healing speed and Lore.png Lore speed by 15%
Norn.png Norn Increases Happiness.png Happiness, Wyrd.png Wyrd and Fame.png Fame production by 15%
Scout.png Scout Increase scouting speed by 15%, scouts run between exploration points.
Warband tools
Warrior.png Warrior Charge ability and increased Attack Power.png attack power by 15%
Shield Bearer.png Shield Bearer Doubles protection against ranged attacks and increases Defense.png resistance by 20%
Axe Thrower.png Axe Thrower Increases attack range and Attack Power.png power by 30%
Mercenary.png Mercenary Grants 20% projectile resistance.
Skirmisher.png Skirmisher Poison ability and increased Attack Power.png attack power by 20%
Dragonkin.png Dragonkin Whirlwind ability (AoE attack) and increased Attack Power.png attack power by 15%
Valkyrie.png Valkyrie Purify ability (can colonize an area for free by self-sacrificing) and increased Attack Power.png attack power by 10%