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How to play guide for Northgard

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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Northgard. Here there are the most basic concepts and mechanics on Northgard and after it there is a basic build order, game advice and other basic ideas to keep in mind while playing! This guide will allow a player to constantly make enough resources, a decent army and have a plan while playing.

Basic Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Northgard's gameplay is focused on a couple of simple terms you might hear often: Economy, Military Power, Clans and Map Tiles! These four factors are what determine how a game of

Northgard is played, some clans are more focused in having a strong economy like Heidrun (Goat clan), other clans are more aggressive and can harness brutal military power like

Fenrir (Wolf clan) or Bjarki (Bear clan), there are also clans that work more like a constant guerrilla like Sváfnir (Snake clan) or Huginn and Muninn (Raven clan) and some clans have

early game advantages like Nidhogg (Dragon clan) or Eikthymir (Stag clan)

Economy[edit | edit source]

Northgard's economy has several resources: Hapiness, Food, Wood, Gold (Krowns), Stone, Iron and Population. (These can be seen in the image below) It is extremely important to not run out of the 3 basic ones. If you run out of food, wood or gold, you will have negative consequences shown in your village (Buildings will catch fire or your population will slowly get sick and die). Also a fun fact! The number you see in the resources tab is the amount you lose or produce every 10 seconds.

The Holy Trinity[edit | edit source]

  • Food - used to feed your villagers, colonize other territories and hold feasts.
    • Each villager will make 4 of food as long as they are idle.
    • Food can also be produced by building Fields, Hunter's Lodge or a Fisherman's Hut which can only be done if the tile posses the qualities (fish, deer or field) and then assigning a villager to the building.
  • Wood - used to keep your villagers warm and construct new buildings or upgrade them.
    • Can only be produced in the Woodcutter's Lodge or by scouting a shipwreck.
  • Gold - used to pay upkeep of buildings or upgrade them and make an army.

Happiness and Population[edit | edit source]

  • Happiness - It's what determines how fast will a villager arrive to your clan. It depends on the amount of population you have and
    • Can increase with the building of a Tavern, colonizing other territories, certain Lore skills or with bonuses of certain tiles.
    • Can decrease if you have 4 or more sick villagers, if 4 or more villagers are wounded or if your population is too big. (Which will make your population demand you to upgrade their houses with 5 Stone).
  • Population - The amount of villagers you have and that will gather food, wood, gold and perform other tasks when assigned to buildings.
    • Increases faster when there is more happiness, having +1 to +3 Happiness is good enough to produce a good amount of villagers.
    • In order to increase the limit, build a house and it will increase by 5.

Stone and Iron[edit | edit source]

  • Stone - Used to upgrade buildings or trade it with other clans for gold. Can only be obtained from Stone deposit by building a Mine.
  • Iron - Used to upgrade your villager's tools, your soldiers weapons or create awesome relics! Can also be traded for gold and is only obtainable in an Iron Deposit.
    • Iron can only be used in a Forge.
These are the resources used to colonize other territories (Food), create buildings (Wood) and prepare for war (Gold)!

Military (Warband)[edit | edit source]

Northgard's military (in very basic terms) is divided into Soldiers, Warchiefs and Special troops.

Soldiers (Basic Units)[edit | edit source]

The basic military units of Northgard! Almost every clan can make any of these 4, when a villager is assigned to a military camp they will become one of these 4 units depending on the military camp that the villager was sent to. (Training camp for warriors, Skirmisher camp for skirmishers, etc)

  • Warrior - Most basic and simple soldier, it has balanced stats and price. Recommended for anyone new to the game to build an army of these guys.
  • Axe Thrower - Only ranged soldier, has more damage than any other basic unit but has a very small defense and its a bit pricey.
  • Shield Bearer - Anti-range soldier, highest defense basic unit but also the most expensive and the one with less damage.
  • Skirmisher - The cheapest unit. Guerilla type of unit since its invisible to enemies while it stands in a neutral tile, has decent damage but extremely poor defense.
  • Dragonkin (Nidhogg only) - Expensive unit exclusive to the Dragon clan, it has stats very similar to a warchief.

Warchiefs[edit | edit source]

  • Each clan has one warchief. An "elite" unit that costs 150 gold and 5 iron (in most clans), they can only be obtained from a Training Camp or a Skirmisher camp (Snake clan).
  • Pretty useful to clean other tiles due to the fact that training a warchief doesn't require any villagers so it doesn't affect the economy.

Special Troops[edit | edit source]

  • Certain clans have "special" troops such an Armored Bear or Signy or if you build the relic of Fenrir (Horn of Managarm) you will be able to summon 3 White Wolves to fight for you.
  • You can also trade with the Jötunn which are these peaceful giants that won't attack you, if you trade enough food with them, you will get 1 Allied Jotunn to fight for you.
  • The clan of the Raven can also send Jötunn or Mercenaries to any coastal tile in the map (that thet have vision of, usually to enemies) in order to harass the enemy.

Clans[edit | edit source]

Work in progress

Map Tiles[edit | edit source]


What to do in-game?[edit | edit source]

Disclaimer: This may not be the most efficient strategy but it will be extremely effective between player from Wood rank ( 0 ) to Iron rank ( 300 ).

First[edit | edit source]

So you first want to build a Scout camp, a Woodcutter's Lodge and a House. After the 3 are built, make two scouts and scout all the tiles next to your initial tile. Try to colonize one that has a special a tile with Fertile Land or Deer, if you don't find either then look for a tile with Forest. If neither of these 3 tiles are found then try to get one with Ruins/Shipwreck so you can get knowledge/wood and gold early. Build a Field or a Hunter's Lodge, then a Woodcutter's Lodge, then a House, then a Longship Dock and now boom. You should have 3 Woodcutters, Two Sailors, 2 Farmers/Hunters and a couple of villagers left. In other words, you should be having a pretty efficient wood, food and gold production!

Second[edit | edit source]

--- Work in progress ---

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