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Food Silo

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Food Silo
Improves Food.png Food production in this area by 10%, increases your maximum food storage.
Building.png Woodcutter's Lodge, Fish.png Fish or Deers.png Deer or Fertile land.png Fertile Land
Wood.png 100
Upkeep Cost
Kröwns.png 21 (yearly)
Upgrade Cost
Wood.png 100, Kröwns.png 50, Stone.png 10
Upgraded Upkeep Cost
Kröwns.png 40 (yearly)

Each silo increases your maximum food storage by 300 and protects 300 food from rats.

It also increases food production by 10% from all specialized sources of food income, i.e. hunters, fishermen, farmers and sheep.


  • Improves Food.png Food produced in this area by 20%,