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Food.png Food is one of the most crucial Resources to manage, it allows the player to Colonize new Areas and initiate Feasts, but most importantly, it is required to feed the Clan. Therefore Food production i.e. Food Sources, must outweigh Food Consumption. If food stock falls to 0, clansmen will Starve, starting to be Unhappiness.pngunhappy until your production comes back to positive numbers. If this situation wears on for more than a month, they will start to be Sickness-icon.pngSick.

Food Sources[edit | edit source]

Regular food source
Food.png Food Source Food.png Base production Food.png Monthly production
SummerIcon.png Summer Winter icon.png Winter Average* SummerIcon.png Summer Winter icon.png Winter Average*
Villager.png Villagers 4 2.4 3.6 24 14.4 21.6
Fisherman.png Fisherman 4.35 4.35 4.35 26.1 26.1 26.1
Hunter.png Hunters 4.75 3 4.3125 28.5 18 25.875
Farmer.png Farmers 5 2.8 4.45 30 16.8 26.7
Heidrun Heidrun : Sheep.png Sheep 2.7 2 2.525 16.2 12 15.15

*Average is calculated using 9 months of summer and 3 months of winter

Other food sources[edit | edit source]

Food Sources Comparison[edit | edit source]

The table below displays the amount of Food.png Food gathered by a single sheep or one person during a year, depending on the activity and its upgrades.

Yearly production
Food.png Food Source Without Silo Silo.png With Silo Silo.png Silo.pngSilo.png With Upgraded Silo Silo.pngSilo.png
Default building Upgraded building Default building Upgraded building Upgraded building + tools Default building Ugraded building Upgraded building + tools
100% 120% 110% 132% 151.8% 120% 144% 165.6%
Villager.png Villagers 259.2
Fisherman.png Fisherman 313.2 375.8 344.5 413.4 475.4 375.8 451 518.7
Hunter.png Hunters 310.5 372.6 341.6 409.9 471.3 372.6 447.1 514.2
Farmer.png Farmers 320.4 384.5 352.4 422.9 486.4 384.5 461.4 530.6
Sheep.png Sheeps 181.8 218.2 200 240 218.2 261.8

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

Your Clan starts with a maximum Food storage of 500, this can be increased with the use of Food Silos, each Food Silo increases maximum Food storage by 300 (500 if upgraded).

As food production is reduced in winter, Feast.png feasting during this period is less profitable then in summer unless all your food production comes from Fisherman.png Fisherman. The production debuff can be reduced by 50% with Freya's Blessing.

Food is the only resource whose production is affected by winter. Therefore stocking up Food.png Food before Winter starts, and using villagers and farmers to do something else during the winter will allow you to make a greater "value" out of them.

It is crucial to stock up before Blizzards as these will reduce your food production even further.

Starvation.png Starving a little, specially in the end of winter, is no big problem if during less than one month. To make sure your clansmen will be able to survive the winter, you can make sure your stockpile exceeds 12 times the negative number displayed in the UI at the beginning of the winter.

In team games, you have the possibility to transfer an area to your allies. You can use it to your advantage to temporarily reduce the number of areas you own and thus colonization cost.