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Overview[edit | edit source]

Fame, in addition to being a Victory condition, allows you to unlock Clan specific bonuses. You always start with Fame.png 0 Fame

Usage[edit | edit source]

You unlock the bonus:

  • Fame.png 200 : "Thane" Bonus
  • Fame.png 500 : "Jarl" Bonus

Sources[edit | edit source]

Event based:
Fame.png 250 Killing a Wyvern.pngWyvern
Fame.png 150 Befriending or Defeating the Jötunn.pngJötnar
Fame.png 120 Defeating an enemy Clan
Fame.png 50 Being the first to uncover the Special Tile in the center of the map.
Fame.png 50 Building the Altar of Kings
Fame.png 50 (+20) Colonizing the tile Thor's Wrath
Fame.png 50 (+20) Destroying a Draugr Tomb
Fame.png 30 (+20) Destroying a Wolves Cave
Fame.png 20 Colonizing a new Area
Fame.png 20 Organizing a Feast
Fame.png 15 Discovering a new Knowledge
Fame.png 20 Upgrading a Building (not a House)
Fame.png 10 Upgrading a House
Fame.png 10 Sacking an Area
Fame.png + 3/kill For each enemy unit killed in an Area with the Shield Maiden.png Shield Maiden using "The Bear Awakens" with Bear Clan
Fame.png + 2 active Skald.pngSkald at a Hall of Skalds with Stag Clan
Fame.png + 2 active Sailor.pngSailor sailing for Fame.png Fame
Fame.png + 20% for each Fame earned after discovering the Knowledge "Glory of the Clan" with Stag Clan

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

  • Rushing middle (scouting) is a good boost for getting Thane early on, but on huge map, it weakens the early economy.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Snake Clan doesn't gain Fame.png Fame, their "Thane" and "Jarl" Bonus are timebased: March 801, March 803