Draugr Jötunn

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Draugr Jötunn
Draugr Jötunn icon.png
Jötnar aren't immune to becoming Draugar.
Health.png 100
Attack Power
Attack Power.png 20
Defense.png 18
150 XP.png
  • In Story Mode, Draugr Jötnar are a variant of Draugr who were originally Jötnar before revived by power of Helheim. They are released from their icy prison when Fimbulwinter at Northgard ends along with hordes of normal Draugrs and corrupted Valkyries, threatened to overrun Midgard. Fortunately, they are stopped by combined efforts of Rig and his companions.
  • In Frozen Gates battle, waves of undead includes Draugr Jötnar.