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Northgard Conquest.png

Overview[edit | edit source]

Conquest refers to the third post-release major update which introduced a stand-alone new game mode alongside new content and balancing. It was released on 2019-10-22. Patch notes can be found here.

Conquests are a succession of custom games ("battles") against AI opponents on specific maps where unique game rules and/or victory condition have been set. It can be played on four difficulties to challenge every type of player : Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme.

The Conquest Map

The conquest[edit | edit source]

Each clan is set with its own specific conquest. To progress through a conquest, one will have to resolve :

  • 3 specific battles related to the chosen clan : the challenges
  • At least 4 out of 8 intermediary battles selected from the pool of other clan challenges (27 alternatives).

For complete battles list and details, please see Battle.

While order of the challenges are constant, intermediary battle are random, making each conquest attempt unique. Additionally, each battle allows the player to choose and unlock random bonuses ("favor") that will last throughout the conquest.

Favors[edit | edit source]

Following the same logic as battles, favors exist in two types : clan related favors and generic favors.

  • The three clan favors are unique and tied to the clan gameplay, they always appear in the same order when starting one of the three challenges.
  • Generic favors are random and will appear with intermediary battles. Before starting the battle, the player has the oportunity to select one of three available bonuses.

Generic bonus[edit | edit source]

General bonus are randomly chosen from this pool. You can select stronger bonus as you progress through the conquest (after passing the second clan challenge).

Economy & production Military
Favor Background.pngFoodPassive bonus.pngFavor Background Gold.pngLorePassive bonus.png Tier 1 : + 2 production to a targeted resource
Tier 2 : + 3 production
Favor Background.pngWarbandCapacity bonus.pngFavor Background Gold.pngWarbandCapacity bonus.png Tier 1 : + 2 Warband.png warband

Tier 2 : +3 Warband.png warband

Favor Background.pngStonePassive bonus.pngFavor Background Gold.pngIronPassive bonus.png Tier 1 : Every 3 months, +1 of a chosen mineral

Tier 2 : Each month, gives +1 of a chosen mineral

Favor Background.pngWarriorCapacity bonus.pngFavor Background Gold.pngWarriorCapacity bonus.png Tier 1 : Start with one warrior

Tier 2 : Start with two warriors

Favor Background.pngFarmerUpgradebuildings.pngFavor Background.pngNornUpgradebuildings.png
Favor Background Gold.pngHunterUpgradebuildings.pngFavor Background Gold.pngSmithUpgradebuildings.png
Tier 1 : +5% production for a targeted unit

Tier 2 : +10% production for a targeted unit
Favor Background.pngWarriorWar.pngFavor Background Gold.pngAxe ThrowerWar.png Tier 1 : +10% attack power to a selected military unit

Tier 2 : +15% attack power to a selected military unit

Favor Background.pngSkirmisherWarband.pngFavor Background Gold.pngDragonkinWarband.png Tier 1 : +10% defense to a selected military unit

Tier 2 : +15% defense to a selected military unit

Favor Background.pngFishermanUpgraded tools.pngFavor Background.pngMinerUpgraded tools.png Targeted unit tool is free and forging time is divided by 2 Favor Background.pngShield BearerUpgraded tools.pngFavor Background.pngAxe ThrowerUpgraded tools.png Targeted unit weapon is free and forging time is divided by 2
Favor Background.pngHappinessPassive bonus.pngFavor Background Gold.pngHappinessPassive bonus.png Tier 1 : +1 Happiness

Tier 2 : +2 Happiness

Favor Background.pngSkirmisherKröwns.pngFavor Background Gold.pngWarriorKröwns.png Tier 1 : This unit is 10% cheaper.

Tier 2 : This unit is 15% cheaper.

Favor Background.pngPopulationCooldown.pngFavor Background Gold.pngPopulationCooldown.png Tier 1 : Villagers appear 40% faster

Tier 2 : Villagers appear 50% faster

Favor Background.pngWarchiefKröwns.pngFavor Background Gold.pngWarchiefKröwns.png Tier 1 : Warchief cost and revive cooldown is reduced by 40%

Tier 2 : Warchief cost and revive cooldown is reduced by 60%

Favor Background.pngRelicImprove tools.pngFavor Background Gold.pngRelicImprove tools.png Tier 1 : Relic forge time and cost is reduced by 30%

Tier 2 : Relic forge time and cost is reduced by 50%

Favor Background.pngWarchiefCooldown.pngFavor Background Gold.pngWarchiefCooldown.png Tier 1 : Reduces warchief ability and relic cooldown by 25%

Tier 2 : Reduces warchief ability and relic cooldown by 50%

Favor Background.pngSiloUpgradebuildings.pngFavor Background Gold.pngSiloUpgradebuildings.png Tier 1 : Silos stores +25% and increase food production by 5%

Tier 2 : Silo stores +30% and increase food production by 10%

Favor Background.pngDefense TowerReduction.pngFavor Background Gold.pngDefense TowerReduction.png Tier 1 : 20% more attack power against towers

Tier 2 : 30% more attack power against towers

Environment & survival
Favor Background.pngSheepPassive bonus.pngFavor Background Gold.pngSheepPassive bonus.png Each year, gain one sheep for each pair of sheep you own Favor Background.pngWarchiefFallen Valkyrie.pngFavor Background Gold.pngWarchiefFallen Valkyrie.png Tier 1 : Warchief has +50% damage against draugr and fallen valkyries

Tier 2 : Warchief has +100% damage against draugr and fallen valkyries

Favor Background.pngwinter flakeReduction.pngFavor Background Gold.pngwinter flakeReduction.png Tier 1 : Winter are 30% less harsh

Tier 2 : Winter are 40% less harsh

Favor Background.pngDraugrReduction.pngFavor Background Gold.pngDraugrReduction.png Tier 1 : Reduces world hostility by 30%

Tier 2 : Reduces world hostility by 60%

Favor Background.pngJourneymenFlag.pngFavor Background Gold.pngJourneymenFlag.png Tier 1 : Reduces colonization cost by 15%

Tier 2 : Reduces colonization cost by 25%

Favor Background.pngTreasure chestKröwns.pngFavor Background Gold.pngTreasure chestKröwns.png Tier 1 : Increase treasures exploration speed and loot by 30%

Tier 2 : Increase treasures exploration speed and loot by 50%

Favor Background.pngBreweryFree upgrade.pngFavor Background.pngTrading PostFree upgrade.png
Favor Background.pngHall of SkaldsFree upgrade.pngFavor Background.pngDefense TowerFree upgrade.png
Favor Background.pngSkirmisher CampFree upgrade.pngFavor Background.pngAxe Thrower CampFree upgrade.png
Tier 1 : One free upgrade for targeted building type, can apply to :
  • Marketplace & (Trading post)
  • Brewery/Hall of Skald/(Hörgr)
  • Military camps
  • Tower? House? Silo?
Favor Background.pngTrading PostBuildingcapacity.pngFavor Background.pngBreweryBuildingcapacity.png
Favor Background.pngMineBuildingcapacity.pngFavor Background.pngRelicBuildingcapacity.png
Favor Background.pngTraining CampBuildingcapacity.pngFavor Background.pngShield Bearer CampBuildingcapacity.png
Targeted building doesn't use building slot, can apply to :
  • Marketplace & (Trading post)
  • Brewery/Hall of Skald/(Hörgr)
  • Military camps
  • Relic
  • Silo, Mine? House?
Favor Background Gold.pngHörgrFree upgrade.pngFavor Background Gold.pngDragonkin AltarFree upgrade.png Tier 2 : Two free upgrades for targeted building type Favor Background.pngHouseCapacity bonus.pngFavor Background Gold.pngHouseCapacity bonus.png Tier 1 : Each house host one more citizen

Tier 2 : Each house host two more citizens

Clan specific favors[edit | edit source]

First favor is upper left, second upper right, third down.

Favors BG.png
Wolf 1st Favor.png

Meat provided by Wolf.png Wolf or Brown Bear.png Brown Bear is increased by 100%.

Wolf 2nd Favor.png

Your Berserker gains + 20% Attack Power.png Attack Power and Defense.png defense and his recruitment cost is reduced by 20%.

Wolf 3rd Favor.png

Happiness.png Happiness provided by your military units is increased by 100%.

Favors BG.png
Bear 1st Favor.png

Start with Kaija, the Armored Bear.png Kaija, the Armored Bear, she has +10% Attack Power.png Attack Power and Defense.png defense.

Bear 2nd Favor.png

Shield Bearer.png Shield Bearers start with their weapon improved.

Bear 3rd Favor.png

Start with Scabbard of Gram relic available.

Favors BG.png
Stag 1st Favor.png

+50% for Skald.png Skalds production.

Stag 2nd Favor.png

Food Silos are free, use no building slot and improve Food.png Food gathering from Villagers.

Stag 3rd Favor.png

Food.png +200, Wood.png +200, Kröwns.png +200, Stone.png +20 and Iron.png +10 when reaching Fame.png 500 .

Favors BG.png
Goat 1st Favor.png

Start with three Sheep.png Sheep instead of one.

Goat 2nd Favor.png

You start with Lore Barricades, it grants +100% bonus on defense.

Goat 3rd Favor.png

Feast.png Feasts last two month instead of one.

Favors BG.png
Boar 1st Favor.png

Mender.png Menders produces +50% more. Their tool costs no resources and forge time is divided by 2.

Boar 2nd Favor.png

Altar of Kings.png Altar of Kings cost is reduced by 50% and gives 50% more.

Boar 3rd Favor.png

Whenever upgrading your townhall, you gain three free building upgrade.

Favors BG.png
Raven 1st Favor.png

Receive « Recruits » bonus every Fame.png 200 .

Raven 2nd Favor.png

Colonizing with Kröwns.png Kröwns costs -30%.

Raven 3rd Favor.png

When hiring Mercenary.png Mercenary raid, it is doubled.

Favors BG.png
Snake 1st Favor.png

Skirmisher.png Skirmishers have +50% Attack Power.png Attack Power and Defense.png defense.

Snake 2nd Favor.png

Signy.png Signy gets +20% Attack Power.png Attack Power and Defense.png defense and +25 Health.png health.

Snake 3rd Favor.png

Scorched earth lasts ten years.

Favors BG.png
Dragon 1st Favor.png

Dragonkin.png Dragonkin have +50 Health.png health.

Dragon 2nd Favor.png

Dragon Essence.png +1 Dragon Essence for each sacrifice.

Dragon 3rd Favor.png

Boats bring one more Thrall.png Thralls, your Slaves.png thrall capacity is 50% higher. Thrall.png Thralls can’t revolt.

Favors BG.png
Horse 1st Favor.png

Your Warchief.png Warchiefs regenerate in your territory.

Horse 2nd Favor.png

+10% bonus production in zones with a Warchief.png Warchief.

Horse 3rd Favor.png

Whenever a Lore Great Tower is destroyed, it kills all units in the territory.

Favors BG.png
Kraken 1st Favor.png

+50% bonus production for Norn.png Norns.

Kraken 2nd Favor.png

You can control one more Valkyrie.png Valkyrie.

Kraken 3rd Favor.png

Enemy units in your coastal territory lose life over time.

Favors BG.png
Ox 1st Favor.png

Destroying your buildings earns you back their building cost. Likewise destroying enemy ones using Ram ability.

Ox 2nd Favor.png

All unit gain +25 Health.png.

Ox 3rd Favor.png

Torfin.png Torfin can summon his own shadow to follow him everywhere.

Favors BG.png

Reduce arrow's Wood.png Wood consumption by 50%


Allied military units in the same zone as a trap or lure gain +20% Attack Power.png Attack Power and +20% Defense.png defense


Wild Hunt now calls the last two waves of mythical animals killed.

Co-op mode[edit | edit source]

Conquest allows for co-op experience in P2P or on the game's servers, which is roughly the same as solo, but with doubled opponents.

Co-op and solo mode are distinctive and cannot be switched from one to another.
At the beginning of a new conquest, one player stands as the host of the game (conquest will be based on their clan) while the other has the possibility to choose any clan to support them through the conquest. Both players choose a clan at the beginning of the conquest, and that choice cannot be changed until it's over. Both players will benefit from their own clans' favors.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Conquest comes with a new set of custom townhall skins. They can be unlocked for any game mode by finishing the clan's conquest on any difficulty. (It needs then to be activated in the preference settings). If the conquest is played cooperatively, each player will unlock the skin for the clan they played as through the conquest.