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In Northgard you have to choose a Clan. It works similar to Factions/Races in other RTS Games.

Each Clan has his own Starting bonus, Fame bonus and a slightly differing Lore tree.

Image Clan Clan Animal Starting and Fame Bonuses
Wolf round.png Fenrir Clan of the Wolf
  • Fame.png 200 Fame Dominion : Your Berserker.png Berserker can colonize cleared areas for free (every 12 months).
  • Fame.png 500 Fame Assault : Your Warband.png military units gain a Attack Power.png 15% Attack bonus when fighting outside your territory. Dominion cooldown is reduced by 50%.
Stag round.png Eikthyrnir Clan of the Stag
Goat round.png Heidrun Clan of the Goat
  • Start with 1 Sheep.png Sheep and can build the Sheepfold.
  • Increases production of bonus of Feasts to 30%
  • Fame.png 200 Fame Spare Tools : Tool improvement for farmers, hunters and fishermen is free. Thoses will be forged 50% faster.
  • Fame.png 500 Fame Team Work : Your Defense Towers and all your Warband.png Military units gain 20% resistance when feasting.
  • You gain one free Feast per year.
Raven round.png Huginn and Muninn Clan of the Raven
  • Can colonize with Kröwns.png Kröwns instead of Food.png Food.
  • Can build the Harbor (replaces Longship Dock) to explore coastal areas and later send Mercenaries attacks.
  • Fame.png 200 Fame Recruits : You obtain 3 Villagers, 3 max population and 1 happinessHappiness.png
  • Fame.png 500 Fame Mercenaries : You can hire Mercenaries at your Harbor and send them to raid coastal areas
Bear round.png Bjarki Clan of the Bear
  • Food.png Food and Wood.png Firewood penalties are reduced by 30%.
  • Instead of having reduced power, your Warband.png Military units gain 10% resistance bonus during winter.
  • Start with Kaija, the Armored Bear., a powerful defensive unit
  • Fame.png 200 Fame Kindred Spirit : Having Kaija or a Shield Maiden in an area, increases local production by 15%
  • Fame.png 500 Fame The Bear Awakens : You gain Fame.png +3 Fame per enemy unit killed in an area with the Shield Maiden.png Shield Maiden. Your Warband.png Military units gain 1% Attack Power.png power per Fame.png 100 Fame. Kaija, "The Armored Bear" can now go in enemy territory.
Boar round.png Slidrugtanni Clan of the Boar
  • The Mender's Hut replaces the Healer's Hut. Menders produce +1 Lore.png Lore while not healing.
  • Each additional territory gives +2 max population
  • No happiness penalties for non-upgraded houses.
  • Fame.png 200 Fame Heritage : You gain one free Knowledge, this does not count toward a Lore Victory or Blessing unlock.
  • Fame.png 500 Fame Greater Blessings : ~Freya: Blizzard Penalty is hugely reduced (50%) ~ Baldr: +5 Happiness ~Jord: Warchief and upgraded tower get +10% Attack
Snake round.png Sváfnir Clan of the Snake
  • The clan doesn't have access to Fame.png Fame. Signy grows up, getting stronger and unlocking new abilities instead.
  • Age 15 (The Cunning) : You start with your warchief, the young Signy. Iron.png Iron is not needed to summon her.
  • Age 16 (Pride of the clan) : Signy gain % speed and can now attack at range.
  • Age 18 (Tears of the Earth) : Signy moves faster and can go through tiles with foes without engaging combat. SIgny can use scorched earth to burn any area during 3 months (3 months cooldown). Burned zone : -50% production, snake units and buildings +50% more attack.
Dragon round.png Nidhogg Clan of the Dragon
ClanBanner horse.png Svadilfari Clan of the Horse
  • The clan does not have access to Mines, Miners or Smiths and has two warchiefs instead : Eitria and Brok. They can be summoned from Völund's Forge (replacing the regular forge), no Iron.png iron needed.
  • Warchiefs mine and forge speed at +10% speed.
  • Villagers build and repair buildings 25% faster.
  • Fame.png 200 Fame Craftsmen : Upgraded tools get an additional +5% production bonus. Selling Stone.png or Wood.png gives 20% more Kröwns.png and trading partner gets twice the amount of those resources.
  • Fame.png 500 Fame : Legacy of the Earth : You can build a second Relic. Two Stone.png stone and two Iron.png iron deposits are discovered in your territory.

Note: More clans keeps appearing from time to time in form of DLC.